Turntable Display Base for Scale Aircraft and Armor

Our team at Bases by Bill is always working on the next opportunity to help display the excellence of your scale model. A turntable is a popular and effective way to show more of your model and to add interest to its presentation.

Shown here is one of our latest solutions. It incorporates one of our Painted Display Bases as the turntable surface, a custom base to hold the turntable mechanism, 4 custom-made light columns containing a movable LED, an audio module and a remote control to activate the turntable, turn the lights on and off and to play 7 sound clips. You can see how well this turntable base shows off the 1/48 scale P-40.

This example incorporates all of our electronic options and demonstrates more elaborate design in the base, but these turntables can be built to nearly any size and include some or all of the electronics. Contact Us to share your exact specifications. Building one of the new 1/32 HK or Wingnut Wings Avro Lancasters? A turntable could be the perfect solution to display one of these masterpieces.