How to Select the Best Display Case for Your Model

Getting the best base to show off your model airplane, car, armor or ship is easy. We show you how.

Various points for choosing the correctly sized display case.

Displaying your scale model needn't be difficult. While there are a wide-range of options, working through the choices will lead to the best choices to really make your work standout both at home and on the contest table.

Determine general footprint of your model

Method of display – in flight or on the ground, full hull or waterline

Measuring to get the dimensions. Usually, measuring the outline of your model is the best approach. You can then add a margin in all the dimensions.

Choosing the size based on your outline dimensions.

For ship models, don’t forget the masts.

Type of base. Wood, wood emblem, laser engraved insignia, logo or title or laser engraved and painted.

Type of insignia or logo. National, unit, producer, racing team, etc.

Display case with clear sections or open base.