Wild Weasel Painted Display Base

Wild Weasel Painted Display Base

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Wild Weasel aircraft and tactics were in response to so many F-105's being shot down by North Vietnamese SAMs. Wild Weasel F-105's added a second seat for an EWO who would detect a SAM site's radar and zip a missile into the site and destroy it before they shot at the F-105.

A veteran B-52 EWO, newly assigned to an aircraft with a cocky pilot and finding out the 'tactics',  said 'You have gotta be shittin me'. Hence the YHGBSM.

The Wild Weasel role continues to this day in the USAF with the F-35 to eventually take on the challenge of killing SAMs.

Our painted display bases are made from fine-grained poplar hardwood with the designs precision laser-engraved, followed by a durable topcoat with the correct colors. Standard base sizes are:

  • 10 in. ( 25.4 cm)
  • 16 in. ( 40.64 cm)
  • 20 in. ( 50.8 cm)
  • 24 in. ( 60.96 cm)

Sizes are for the longest dimension.

Custom Sizes are also available and we can quote shipping to international destinations. Please use the Contact Us form to inquire about custom work or international shipping.