Custom Awards

Unique and Memorable Designs
Bases by Bill is not limited to just bases. We do awards as well. We take pride in being an easy to work with award supplier, who create unique quality custom awards and delivers on time.

All Sizes, Finishes, Colors and More
At Bases By Bill we will go the extra mile to create one-of-a-kind works of art that your winners would love to have in their collections. Our awards are handcrafted from the finest hardwoods and incorporate stunning laser-engraving and even hand-painted color accents.

For Any Organization or Event
From plastic model contests to work recognition awards, we are sure you will like what we can offer. Category, best-of-show and other awards types are available to provide the full package for your show.

2024 Awards Price Schedule

Please Note: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (Gold, Silver or Bronze) WOOD ENGRAVED awards are no longer offered. Ask us about our new FULL-COLOR award styles. Examples coming in March 2024.

All prices represent the "as low as" price. Special decoration, engraving, addition of color elements may increase the price. The prices do not include shipping.

Product Cost Each
7" x 5" Cherry Engraved $25.00
7" x 5" Cherry w/ Walnut Edge Engraved $30.00
9" x 7" Cherry Engraved $35.00
9" x 7" Cherry w/ Walnut Edge Engraved $35.00
US States Cut-out Shapes., etc. (approx 10"") $35.00
Award Stands* $10.00
Larger sizes, variations, color, etc. Ask for Quote
Full Color 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Gold, Silver, Bronze Ask for Quote
*If the larger awards do not have a stand dedicated to them, they are keyholed on the backs for wallhanging.
Contact Us Today
Contact Us as soon as possible before your contest to give us the time needed to finish the awards, invoice and ship them to you in time. Information for awards with Sponsors needs to be in at least 30 days or earlier before your contest deadline. If your club is renewing their order, contact us ASAP to get your club on the work schedule.

Award Examples

Complete with lights!
Acrylic GSB/1-2-3 Awards with Appliqué 
Different style of GSB showing the full-color capabilities of our appliqués.